George currently is a director of open source and ecosystem at Huawei Technologies and is contributing his time to the OpenDaylight Project as Community Manager. He was one of the core architect team members for Huawei's SDN Controller before dedicating his time to work for the open source community. George also served as Release Manager for OpenDaylight project for the Helium, Lithium and part of Beryllium releases. Prior to joining Huawei, he had worked in Google for close to six years as a Technical Program Manager and Technical Solution Engineer in partner solution organization(PSO). George brings years of experience in cloud services, SDN /NFV and open source development from top firms like Huawei, Google, Nortel, Motorola and Cisco. George received a bachelor in E.E. from McGill University and master's from the University of Toronto.
Sotware Developemnt
Architect Design
Open Source
Java, C++, C, OOA/OOD
Client Server, CORBA, Web Services, Cloud Computing, SDN, NFV
Open source and ecosystem